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Boujee Hippie is for the eclectic, modern day, women with high heels and higher standards.
When life is heavy and throwing lemons her way, she catches them, not to make lemonade, but to build a lemonade stand and get to the bag. Our Boujee Wands can be burned to practice the art of smudging. Is your mate bringing you heart ache? Light up, put some sage in the air, and say Boy, Smudge You! Are you talking yourself out of your own destiny, living in your head, and burning yourself out at a nine to five that doesn't serve you? Pull out your Boujee Wands, light up, and put your goals into the air. Manifest that shit. Sage that self doubt away. Smudging is the art of burning an essential herb called sage. Burning sage cleanses your space of negative energy. In order for our hipsters to grow, you must clear your minds, bodies, homes, work spaces, and auras of everything that's hindering your persona growth. The goal is to vibrate on the highest level. Boujee Hippie is more than a brand. It's a lifestyle. We are women, filling our day, our way, and walking out into the world with intentional thoughts, dedicated hearts, strong minds, and free vibes. So wear your flower crowns proudly!

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